Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That time I went from blogging everyday to maybe 2 times a week.


Somehow my blogging funny bone has gone missing.  Or even my blogging drive.  Can't explain why, and really I don't have to.  BAM.

in the last two weeks I've been busy enjoying:
not making plans on weekend mornings and actually cooking breakfasts at home.
hanging out with my roomie, watching our favorite tv shows and painting our nails.
cooking for my most beaut friend, mary.
running, running and more running.
sneaking in as many nights with my hunka hunka burning love as possible.
celebrating haime's birthday!
spending an entire weekend with my pops.
crying uncontrollably for 45 minutes after dropping off my pops at the airport.
laughing at the look on the homeless man's on the corner as he is watching me cry uncontrollably alone in my car.
picking back up my crochet obsession with a goal of finishing my current project by december 14th!
eating the most dreamy avocados my dad brought me from ca.
moseying in and out of antique stores finding awesome STEALS for snowy!
texting at fire fast speeds with my east coast lover, cmie.
dreaming big for the months ahead.
wearing my favorite boots for days on end.
trying to get back into the scary movie trend.
reflecting on the past 5 years nearly daily.
drinking hot tea!
crunching as many leaves as possible.
perfecting the ingredients to the most dreamy salad.
not feeling guilty for not posting daily.
wishing my momma a long distance happy birthday.

There you have it.  See you again soon.

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