Monday, October 1, 2012


Happy Monday to all you fancy faces.  My morning has already been stuffed full of puppy kisses, delicious green smoothies, friendly waving construction workers, cheersing my favorites with our coffee/tea mugs in the kitchen and a tan boss who just returned from Mexico.  There was no hiding I had a crap day last Monday { sorry, Jaime! } so I took all the necessary steps I could think of to avoid having another case of the Monday's, and had a mighty fine pep talk with myself this morning { not totally unlike this }.

What did all you peeps do this weekend?  My grandma from North Dakota was in town, so we did plenty of card playing, cooking, wine drinking and a little bit of farmers markets, walks and crossword puzzles in between.

It was beautiful.  Cheers to a fun, memorable and fast week!!!

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