Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Photo a Day :: 1-7

Did I play coy just a little bit and leave you guys hanging after the Feburary Photo a Day Challenge? { here, here, here and here } Yes? No? Yesnoyesno? No? Naw I didn't think so. You know why? Because it was fun, mindless and helped me break away from the daily computer, emails, texts and phone calls and let me think for a minute on what photos I was going to take for the day. So without further adieu, I give you, days 1-7 of the March Photo a Day Challenge!

{ day one } Up.

My nightly drive home on my favorite street in Denver - 17th Avenue!

{ day two } Fruit.

Since it's no secret I'm a veggie gal, I rarely have fruit in the apartment (except for the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds that are in my freezer that Hunter gave me for Valentine's Day), so I looked outside the box on this one. And by looking out of the box, I mean looking in the picture frame that I got from my favorite fruit for Christmas. I love you, Eric!

{ day three } Your Neighborhood.

My favorite touch in my favorite park on my favorite run in my favorite neighborhood! I've literally noticed this since the first week I was in this apartment. Love it.

{ day four } Bedside.

Wall. Doesn't get more glamorous than this.  I told you I lived in a quirky attic apartment!  Bed being hugged by 2 walls and 2 windows = quirky.

{ day five } A Smile.

One of my all time favorites!

{ day six } 5pm.

Came home and smiled at this beautimus orchid from my beautimus boyfriend!

{ day seven } Something You Wore.

I basically start every single morning like this. Top knot, tank top, cowl, and a slight scowl that will last until A) first cup of coffee or B) Flintstones Vitamin. (that is a true story my friends.)

See you back for days 8-14!
Sincerely, March Photo a Day

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