Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What did you do last night?

Anything fun? What did I do, you say? How sweet of you to ask!

I went on an awesome run with my boyfriend in my new awesome shoes from said awesome boyfriend

Then we went and wandered the aisles of Whole Foods (one of my favorite past times with him) and got some fixings for dinner! Edamame with salt and cayenne pepper to snack on, grilled salmon and asparagus spears with spinach and mushroom risotto! Oh. And wine. (duh)

THEN. We lounged on the couch for a while. Him watching Airplane! and playing WWF, me ignoring Airplane!, playing WWF and Draw Something, then eventually retiring to his room to play checkers.

His mom found this awesome checkers table at a thrift store in MT, and we (read: I) have been dying to use it! Then of course looking up the rules of jumping in checkers

All while I was perfectly relaxed with tunes in the background, cuddled up in some quilts his mom has made.

I fell asleep shortly after our 2nd game while getting a hand massage (he's the best), and when he woke me up to actually go to bed, he was telling me to "turn around", and I thought he was saying "put your arms down". It was a very confusing 45 seconds for me, but thankfully we made it though.

Tonight you ask? Brewing beer! I love when he has a full week off from work. I've been so spoiled with nightly dates and extra long cuddle sessions lately. #swoon.


  1. I like your new kicks. I slept last night...and drew Shrek.

  2. I think your night sounded delicious, relaxing, fulfilling and a hand massage... Sign me up!!! Hunter is a great guy and I'm so happy he's yours!