Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb Photo A Day:: Grand Finale!

{ day twenty-eight } Money.

Fun fact about Beth: I collect lucky pennies. I have them everywhere! In my car, next to some of my favorite cards, at work. The list goes on. Whenever I see a penny heads up I always pause and think of what I'm doing and who I'm with and take the penny as an extra reminder of how blessed I am and to remember the moment. Truth.

{ day twenty-nine } Something You're Listening To.

Daily Grace. Every single day I watch her videos. It's some sick illness. She cracks me up.

Another fun fact: When I moved in to my apartment there was a penny in the corner that is tails up, and to this day it still lays there, tails up. Contrary to what I just talked about, I don't view this as bad luck because I found TWO, yes count them, two heads up pennies around my apartment on moving day. I also have big plans to turn that sucker Heads Up when I move out in hopes of another oddly sentimental/OCD/superstitious person moving into my apt.

And that concludes this Volume of Pointless Information You Never Needed to Know About Beth.

Lucky for everyone in life, there is a March Photo A Day list floating around IG! Will I do it? Won't I? Will I? Stay tunedddddddddddddd.

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