Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Listen to the silence.

Tonight, I decided to go forgo the gym, and go for a good old fashioned run in my neighborhood.  Not Cheeseman Park run like I would usually do at nights, just up and down some of the streets in my neighborhood that I maybe haven't visited before.  Those 30 minutes outside made me remember what it is that I love about Cap Hill.  Basically take this post and this post and you'd have the love child of what I experienced tonight.  I think what made it even that much more beautiful was that I left my phone, and all music at home.  Gasp!  What's that you say?!  That's right.  I braved an hour (30 min running + some time at the grocery and walking home) without my phone.  Though I would have loved it to take pictures of all the colorful and delicate spring flowers blooming every which way you look, it allowed me to take everything in that much more.

The click clack click clack of the dogs walking ahead of me.
Classical music singing from an apartment window.
Hearing a door open behind me, and when I go to sneak a glance, seeing the happiest couple walking out their front door carrying a kite.
Two people cuddled up in blankets on the front porch studying together.
The sounds of a bike whirling past me.
Laughter shared between two friends on a front step.

My all time favorite?!
A 70+ man sitting on his front stoop, playing the guitar.

It was such a soothing and wonderful way to de-stress from the day's events, leave all emails, texts and phone calls at home while just enjoying being for once.

Now?!  I'm off to cuddle with my kitty, enjoy my cup of decaf green tea + peppermint tea while working on my crochet.
Have a beautiful Tuesday, friends!

Hakuna Matata.  : >

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  1. I loved this post. I will sometimes forgo the gym as well in favor of running outdoors. There's something about the crisp evening air and the sounds of nature that make an outdoors run so much more refreshing!! Great blog by the way. Hope you don't mind a visitor :)