Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Photo a Day :: 15 – 22

Yeah yeah, I didn’t post this on Tuesday like I usually have been. But hey – when you finally get your boyfriend who works nights all to yourself for a week straight, you wouldn’t be blogging either! Well – maybe you would, I guess I’m not sure. Who am I to judge.

ANYhoodle – without further adieu, 15 – 22!

{ day fifteen } Car.

I used to do the monthly calendars from Go Scout Creative, and this one, bar none, was my favorite!

{ day sixteen } Sunglasses.

This pix makes me giggle. It’s what any level headed 20’something does while driving. Take a pix to send to your aunt of the earrings she gave you a year+ ago. The sunglasses got in there by accident, though it worked out!

{ day seventeen } Green.

What I SHOULD have pictured here is Charlie, who was decked out in head to toe in the cutest matching green outfit for St. Patt’ys Day (matching socks and all), but I was too busy loving on him and playing Lego’s to have taken a pix. So instead you get the green in a text conversation for my friend Angela’s birthday!

{ day eighteen } A Corner Of Your Home.

Kind of speaks for itself. Welcome to my humble corner of my home.

{ day nineteen } Funny.

I came home to this sweet package from my grandma in ND! I had forgotten something at her house while back for Becky’s wedding, so she mailed it back to me + some Easter goodies. Her little old lady witty and sassy cards never fail to make me laugh.

{ day twenty } Before / After.

What gets me through my day! Mix of Green Tea and Peppermint Tea. I bet I down 4-6 cups of this goodness throughout the day.

{ day twenty-one } Delicious.

How I lived to be 26 and never fully appreciated how delightfully delicious honey is, is beyond me, I’m just glad the obsession has finally struck. I keep this at my desk for when I get a sweet craving – a spoonfull of this is far better than a spoonful of jelly beans!

{ day twenty-two } Kitchen Sink.


I'm itching for the weekend and temps in the 70's! Tick tock week, will'ya?!

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