Monday, July 23, 2012


Hunter and I were having lunch a few weekends ago, when something he said struck us so funny we were laughing almost to the tinkling point.  After we quit laughing and pulled ourselves together, he said to me:

"I really don't know what I would do if you didn't think that was funny."

For some reason that has really stuck with me.  Our ability to laugh at everything and quite literally absolutely nothing, is one of many, manymanymany reasons him and I go together like peas and carrots.  It got me thinking of the things he does & doesn't do on a regular basis that would leave me lost if those things simply.......didn't exist.

My dearest H,

What would I do if... didn't humor me by letting me moo at every cow we've ever passed? didn't encourage all the dreams I have brewing up in my head? judged me at the amount of vegetables I can pile into one Whole Foods salad bar to-go carton? weren't spontaneous? didn't also drink boxed wine?

...when we cuddled, we didn't fit together like perfect puzzle pieces? didn't dive into your hobbies and passions 110% and succeed in a way only you could? weren't patient with me when I have a breakdown about a belt not pulling an outfit together? weren't my to go to guy on all things in need of a repair?  From bikes, to cars, to relationships? couldn't glide around a kitchen like you can? didn't read my blog?  { hi loves! } didn't always have the perfect playlist playing in the background? didn't understand my relationship with Amie?  { Because let's be honest....we are a little overwhelming. } didn't love my naturally curly and unpredictable wild hair? hated dark nail polish? didn't realize a surprise gift of a light for my bike means more to me than any bouquet of flowers? didn't read in bed with me before we dozed off?

I never, ever want to know.
Thank you for being you, my hunky mountain man!

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