Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I know, I know.  You all will be devastated to know that this post isn't doting on how wonderful and magical Hunter and my vacation was.  BUT!  It is doting on how wonderful and magical my friends are.

Last night we all got together to celebrate this guy.

It is so rare for everyone to be able to attend a dinner like this, so I was extra grateful for everyone's company last night.  I have such a difficult time putting into words how healing and simply beautiful this group of friends are.  There have been friendships in this group for 15+ years, relationships lasting over 25 years, and there may be a person who held another person on the day she was born.  I'll let you figure out who those two people are.  ; )  { Hint: My aunt is in the green blazer. }

We are all dysfunctional in our own ways, but when we are together - we couldn't function better.  We bicker, we fight, we laugh, we cry.  We try on each other's shoes, we tease each other's taste in clothing.  We hug, we kiss, we cheers every chance we get.  

We love.  And we love HARD.   

These fancy faces make it on my blog a lot { here, here, here },but they mean the absolute world to me.

I wish the love and friendship I have with this group on every one of you reading this right now.

*Thank you for all the great photos, Jen!

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