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{ two weeks ago at this time 6.19.12 }

:: Tuesday, June 19th ::

We stopped for lunch on the first day of our trip and told our waitress our plans of heading south on Hwy 101.  Hunter asked what was up ahead of us for us to expect, and she responded with "Trees, trees and more trees."  She couldn't have been spot on!  On this day of the trip, we drove through beautiful, lush and green forests!  We were both like little kids "OH!  Look over there!  OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THE OCEAN!  The trees are touching OVER the roads!"  I never got sick of the green, that's for sure.

I am so proud of us in that all of the days we were camping, we cooked our own breakfast, lunch { with the exception of the first day }, and dinner on our own!  This day we pulled over to the side of the road and made tuna wraps with some leftover chips from the night before.  Lunch with a view?  I'd say.

The night before, we drank up all of our beer and wine supply ::GASP!:: so it really was a good thing we were so close to Rogue Brewery in Oregon!  It was the perfect excuse to get out of the car and stretch our legs a little bit while enjoying some samples of their beer.  We were able to pick up our favorites and stock up for the rest of the trip.  CRISIS AVERTED.  ; >

And of course - we couldn't get back in the truck without visiting yet another beach.  Sick of seeing sky, water and sand photos yet?  

Too bad.

There were so many cherry stands on the side of the highway, so we finally stopped to see what the fuss was all about, and man we didn't regret it!  $8 of fresh and warm from the sun goodness.

And here is the part where I preach yet again about how a good campsite finds you.  On this day, we got dangerously close to settling for a mediocre campsite.  We had drove through this particular campground, but noticed all of the beach facing sites had "Reserved" tags on them, and all the lush beautiful sites were so close to the highway.  We decided on a site that was in the middle of the ocean and highway.  No real views but there were so many trees on the site, Hunter sold me with "We can put up the hammock here!"   WELL OK.  That man knows the way to my heart.  He ventures out to find where to pay, when we both realize that just because a site has "Reserved" on it, didn't mean it was necessarily reserved for that DAY.  So we stayed here on the 19th, and found the mother of all campsites that had a Reserved sign..............but not until the 21st.   


Yet again, I sat at the site while Hunter made sure what we were doing was legit.  And sure enough....it was all ours for the night.  This one was especially cool because in addition to being completely surrounded by trees, we had our very own little balcony to the beach!


You can probably see the "balcony" best in the above picture, but the ocean and sky is a little burned out.  I only snapped a few pix of the site on my phone before tossing it in the truck and not giving it another glance until the next morning.  This night, we had some yummy cheese and crackers with wine for our appetizer, then took a super wonderful, soothing, picturesque and romantic walk down the beach.  Hand in hand, barefoot without a care in the world.  Literally.  He even asked me on the walk what was the most pressing issue on my mind at that point in time, and my answer was "Getting to the wineries on time tomorrow."  

Yup.  It was that rough.

That might have been in my top 5 favorite moments of the trip, that walk we had.  For dinner this night we cooked up some tofu, brown rice and a bunch of veggies for a stir fry.  Yummy.

 I now totally understand why people buy sound machines that sound like the ocean to help them sleep.  It's the most glorious and soothing soundtrack fall asleep to!

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