Friday, July 27, 2012

Very Vegan.

12 days down, 9 days to go!  It's madness to think I'm already over halfway done with my cleanse.  There isn't too many updates to give, other than it's actually been a breeze for me.  Like I said before; vegan isn't too far off from my day to day diet to begin with, so it was just a matter of getting committed and serious about my eating habits.

Highs of the cleanse:
I feel ahhhhhmazing!  I had this new kick of energy where I'm not dragging ass in the mornings, or through the afternoons.  I'm waking up earlier than I would to get in a yoga class, run or gym workout.  Before, getting up before 7:45a was unheard of.
My water intake has basically tripled.  Besides the 3L I drink a day, I've discovered my new favorite drinks: Iced chamomile tea, and water + cayenne pepper + lemon juice.  Don't knock it til you try it! It is the perfect morning replacement for my cup{s} of coffee.
I'm saving money.  Fresh produce really doesn't have to be that expensive if you do it right.  I have found myself going to the grocery probably 4-6 times a week, and that doesn't phase me in the slightest.
I get to try so many new recipes!  I'm using new grains, new veggies and new methods of cooking, and that gives me a high no whiskey or wine can.
"Is that why your skin is glowing?" Is what I heard after telling a coworker I went vegan for a few weeks.  His response was so appreciated and much welcomed after all the haters in the work place.

Lows of the cleanse:
Socially, it's incredibly difficult.  And I mean this in a variety of ways.  You can't just go places anymore without tons of planning ahead.  Prepping your host on what you are doing as to not insult them when you don't eat what they have prepared, asking what the host/hostess is planning for a menu to see if you need to eat before going, even making a plethora of salads/sides to bring with you so you know you will be able to eat.  It's not so much that I'm complaining, but this is just really different for me.
People think they can say anything.  I've heard it all.  From implying I'll turn into a b!tch {exact words} on the 5th day of my cleanse, to being vocal about not believing I'll make it through, to knocking what I'll bring to eat for breakfast or lunches, telling me to just call them when the cleanse is over so we can actually hang out.  You guys - people can be mean.  This really was difficult for me the first few days, to where I quit eating at work and would just drive home for lunches.  All I wanted to do was ask "Do you want to talk about how incredibly processed, jam packed with sugar and incredibly unhealthy that little ditty is that you are getting from the candy machine right now?!" Though I didn't, smiled and would take another bite of my lunch.  I was talking to H about it and he reminded me that I'm not doing it for them, or for anyone's approval.  I'm doing it for myself.  So now I drink my green smoothies in clear glasses, in addition to my cayenne water.  Let the haters hate!
I won't lie, I do miss coffee {and the occasional glass of wine}.  Even though I can't believe I lived 26.89 years without knowing of this cayenne water glory, nothing can serve as a replacement to my cup of jo in the mornings.  So I will look forward to that {and also sharing a bottle of wine with friends, family and H when we get together}.  But until then, I'll turn to my BFF, H20.

A lot of people ask if I will continue being a vegan after the 21 days are up.  I have a really hard time answering that, though I can say with confidence that I feel like the vegan lifestyle really fits me.  However, will I have chicken wings from time to time?  Yes. {Have you met my boyfriend?!  I think he'd marry them if he could.} Will I enjoy a burger or steak every now and again?  I'm sure of it.  But this has unquestionably changed the way I view food, grocery stores, menu's and food blogs.  Plus, if I'm feeling this great, why not {Minot}?  Also, I have right around a kabillion vegan recipes pinned and bookmarked that I simply must make.

And now, allow me to photobomb you with some of my latest nibbles!

I also have been house-sitting a lot the past 2 weeks, so I hope you enjoyed the variety of plates I used!

May peace, peas and carrots be with you!

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