Monday, July 2, 2012

{ two weeks ago at this time 6.18.12 }

:: Monday, June 18th ::

I've got to tell you, sleeping in a tent, in a rainforest, DURING a rainstorm proved to be one of the best ways to have a restful nights sleep.  Ahh...

We woke up to a few little critters trying to join us for breakfast.  A slug and a big ol beetle.  But we said NO and kept our vittles for ourselves.  One of my favorite things to bring along camping is champers and orange juice for mimosas.  Something about drinking a nice cool mimosa at 7a in the morning is such a fun treat.  There is nowhere but camping you can get away with drinking a mimosa that early!

How dashing is my Hunter?  I love this pix of him.  Rawr.

After some time driving, driving, driving - we found the ocean again!  Don't let the blue skies fool you - it was still super chilly outside.  But it made for awesome cuddling up in the car and reading weather!

Wild roadside daises for daysies!  { not going to lie - I thought I was super clever when I thought that one up.  Daises.  Daysies.  So funny. }

Goodbye Washington, Helloooooooooooooo Oregon!

And helloooooo Oregon beaches!  A family friend of Hunter's recommended we spend some time in Cannon Beach for hiking, etc.  We only had enough time to drive through the town, walk on the (GLORIOUS) beach, and hit up a small market for our dinner that night.  Though we both agreed on how absolutely beautiful it was and it would most definitely be a place we would want to vacation at and rent one of the adorable little cottages! 

Like I've talked about before, we didn't do too terribly much planning as far as where we'd camp each night.  We always let the campsites find us { it may sound super corny, but next time you are on a camping adventure, just remember it and you will be stunned at how simple and astonishingly true that statement is! }.  One thing that keeps me giggling; there was a time or two we would get a planning bug up our you-know-whats and sit and look at a map trying to actually come up with, oh you know, a PLAN.  We would dissect every detail we could come up with, what roads to take, how far down the coast to get, what cities to stop in, what time to leave the mornings campsite....but none of the planning felt right to us.  So every conversation would end with "Let's just wake up, get in the car, and drive as far as we want to." And that sentence was the simplest and most perfect solution to any "planning" issue we might have.  

After Cannon Beach, we drove through one or two campsites we'd see on the map, and just really had a strong dislike for all of them.  Too overpopulated, too close to the highway, too noisy.  None of them were right.  We started driving through a 3rd campsite and Hunter said "Babe, we have to realize we probably won't get as good of a spot as we did last night..." and then we found this.  

Our home for the night; Night 3.  

We started driving through the campground and we saw the ocean so close, but couldn't quite get a feel for how the grounds were laid out.  We navigated our way following the sounds of the ocean, and found a strip of campsites.  We saw the waves breaking in front of us and saw a guy set up  in camp.  I immediately said { whined } "UGHHHHHHHHH that guy has the best spot in the whole place!" But Hunter kept driving until we got as far to the ocean as we could, and whattdya know?  Another campsite, only empty this time.  Both our eyes got HUGE and Hunter says "Go sit in the site, I'm going to go make sure it isn't taken for the night."  I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, because it was almost too good to be true.  

photo taken straight with Instagram, so I don't have the original picture to edit.  be still my OCD Graphic Design Filter heart.   life will go on if it doesn't match.
Where is this photo taken from, you ask?  Oh, let me tell you.  It was taken RIGHT where we put our tent up for the night.  Ohhhh it was so perfect.  We had the tent hidden in the trees a little bit, with the ability to walk all of 5 steps to the beach where we could have our dinner of bean, cheese and chili quesadillas with chips and salsa + wine/ beer, and our breakfast of cheese omelets and coffee.  I remember sitting there, watching the waves break, waiting for the sun to set and I say to Hunter " Monday is going to SUCK!" to which he reminded me that the next Monday we would still be on vacation, spending it with our good friends in SLC.  I went back to sipping my wine with a giant smile on my face.

This site was so soothing, beautiful and was just meant for us, for that night.  This campsite was most DEFINITELY my favorite campsite for June 18th.  

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