Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My final morning Namaste.
Giggles with new friends.
Belly laughs with old friends.
Embracing the crazy, uncontrolled and unpredictable curly hair.
A plan-less evening for lots of cooking, reading and calm.
Silly moms.
Kite Runner.
Having my new "sleep in" time during the work week being 6:15a.  Whaaa?!  Dat crazy.
Enjoying every drop of my morning cup of coffee before I have to say bye bye in a few days.
Hours upon hours {andhoursandhours} of texting with my East Coast lover, Amie!
Holding my plank strong for 6 double breaths!!  {That is huge for me}
Knowing it's Wednesday, which makes tomorrow Thursday, and the following....Friday!
Sunshine.  Always, always sunshine.
Green + Peppermint Tea.
Embracing the fact that I will cry every single morning at some point during the Today Show.

What is making your week more lovely?

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