Friday, July 27, 2012


{ there is a crazy amount of posts like these going around this here interweb, so I figured I'd jump on board! }

::WORKING ON:: Freelance, freelance, freelance, and beating this CO heat.  The former is proving to be more enjoyable than the latter.

::THINKING ABOUT:: The future!  And embracing the whirl of emotions attached with leaving my job after 5+ years...

::ANTICIPATING:: Seeing my long distance lover, Amie and Andrew in a few weeks!  Like Amie puts it "Having you, Hunter, Andrew and I all together in MONTANA is like eating cookies for dinner, and cake for dessert."  We are still working out the details, but it's going to be epic.  And also splashed all over this here blog of mine.  You are welcome.

::LISTENING TO:: Honking horns, traffic and pedestrians outside my window.  It's a great calm background soundtrack to this Friday.

::EATING:: Veggies, grains, and fruits!  Green smoothies.  Herbal tea.  Water.    Most recently, I just finished up a lunch of: red cabbage, lettuce, red onion, cauliflower, broccoli and caper salad + corn tortilla, black beans, orange peppers, jalapenos, green onions, salsa and vegan cheese!  Hello, happy tummy.

::THANKFUL FOR:: My cousin and her husband in town this weekend!  H and I head up to my uncles in Longmont to after work for dinner, cards and memories.  Mix that with plans to hit 3 breweries {Hi, my name is Beth, and I'll be your DD for the weekend.} on Saturday, plus a brunch on Sunday and you've got a happy girl!  Weekends with my fam dam are my fa-vorite.  Also thankful for my sweet friend, Jaime!  I went to her yesterday with a question related to the best place to spend my birthday, and this sneaky girl has completely taken over planning it for me!  I have told her time and time again I don't want to impose that on her, but she can't be stopped, that one.  Aren't friends the best?  I think so, too.  

::PLANNING FOR::  Mary's birthday party { Is it August 22nd yet? }, fun Denver things to do when my parents get here next weekend {weeeeeeee!}, starting to go through and clean out my apartment, setting up my yoga schedule for next week, oh - did I mention Mary's birthday party?!


  1. YOU are the sweetest. Before it's August 22nd, it has to be AUGUST 20TH. WHAT?! What if I told everyone that the real surprise is that it's a party for YOU. JK I'm letting go. ILY!

  2. WAIT! Isn't Mary' party in Duluth, MN?? Ehhhh sorry I think you'll miss it. Shucks.