Monday, July 9, 2012

It's my blog and I can take a break if I want to.

Take a break if I want to, take a break if I want to.

Okay - that isn't as catchy as crying and birthday's, but you get the idea. I took a completely unintentional week long break from blogging - oopie daisy! What's awesome is that because it's pretty much exactly a week, I can just transition to what I was doing 3 weeks ago vs 2. I know you guys will be just so terribly heartbroken, won't you? Until then, entertain yourselves checking out some unnecessary pictures from my life lately.


ps Dear Mountain Biking,
We had some really incredible highs, and some pretty pity party lows. Over all; I owned you, woman. See you again soon...this time with less hyperventilating and more steep incline successes.

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