Thursday, July 12, 2012

{ three weeks ago at this time 6.21.12 }

:: Thursday, June 21st ::

Today was the first day in nearly a week that we had to actually set an alarm and go by any sort of time schedule.  We woke up at 6a, busted butt to get the tent down and Hunter started up on our breakfast of egg, cheese, turkey bacon and basil bagel sandwiches!  As he was cooking, I was getting things in their proper homes { which was a routine we had down lickity split by this point }, when I walked to the left side of the truck.  I happened to glance down, and I noticed among the rocks, this thing.  Upon further glance, I realized this thing was, without exaggeration, a slug longer than a hot dog, and about as thick as a quarter is around.  Needless to say, I freaked. outtttttt.  The little guy was minding his own business, and moseying on around on his own time, but I was SO grossed out by it that finally I had to avoid that side of the truck entirely.

We get on the road before 7am, back to the 101.  I really wasn't kidding when I talked about being in full denial about our camping adventure being over, because A) I took just TWO photos the entire day, and B) I forced myself to fall asleep in the truck before we had to turn off the 101 into a highway into California to head to Lake Tahoe, because I knew I would be too upset saying bye to the ocean.

We did get to drive through the beautiful Redwood Forest, which had we had that extra day, we planned to camp in or around this Forest.  Though the trees we saw from the road were lovely, and large!!!!

Today was our superrrrrrrrrr long day of driving and we were in the car for about 10 hours.  During those 10 hours, I:
Read Cutting for Stone
Didn't take photos.
Sang and danced.
Ate Subway.

All while Hunter drove.  He's so good.

As our 10 hours was drawing to an end and we were winding and turning our way to Lake Tahoe, we really thought the worst was behind us.  Well, we take our exit and what happens?  We get stuck in THE WORST traffic jam in Tahoe.  We were both missssserable.  Truly, the only thing during that time that actually put a smile on my face, was driving by this bar.  I bet you we laughed for nearly 5 minutes at that damn bar.  After finally arriving to our beautiful home for the next few days, we both quickly showered { SHOWER?  RUNNING WATER?  What is this madness?! } and made our way across the grounds to Kyle's parent's town home where they threw a really wonderful BBQ for family and close friends.  It was so gerat getting to spend this evening with such a great group of Hunter's friends.  I'll dote on them more in the upcoming days, don't you worry.  

Though I did { and still do } desperately miss tent camping with my hot tent partner, it did feel quite luxurious sleeping on something you didn't have to blow up, and deflate the next morning.  

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