Sunday, July 17, 2011

JITP week ???

I wish I could count what week this Jazz was...but between the 4th of July and Tim having a BBQ for his mom last weekend plus a few weekend in between, we missed a few. But I tell you what, we came back with a bang. I counted and I think we had exactly 15 people with us!

I had about 7 people with me, then between Tim, Ed, Cari and Brian + their friends, the rest of the 15 were filled in.

Believe it or not, my most favorite part of the night didn't take place until Ed, Tim and I were walking back to the car. We got about halfway there until realizing I was the only one of the 3 not carrying anything. Oops! I took on carrying a chair, and Ed justified it by rationalizing it was a big bracelet/fashion statement. Between that and naming Tim's wagon Willy, we laughed for appx 10 minutes straight.

All in all - huge success. Tim said time and time again throughout the night: "Life is short. Summer is shorter." and honestly? he couldn't be more right. I love my picnics with my crew. I cherish every laugh, conversation and photo we take.

May it be summer forever!

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