Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who's ready to party like it's 1776??

This girl, that's who.

I get super duper uber buber fuber zuber nostalgic around the 4th of July for many reasons.  There are few 4th's during my 25.8 years of life that I haven't spend back home in Dickinson with my fam-dam.  Roughrider Days, anyone?!  Also, 4 years ago this Tuesday my mom and I jumped in my full full (fullfullfullfullfull) car and moved me from ND to CO (moving post to come soon!).  I wasn't able to be with the family this year, cuddled up in blankets in my old High School's parking lot watching the fireworks, so when my friend Eric invited me over for dinner and fireworks, I couldn't say no.  Eric lives maybe 3 blocks from Coors Field, where they light off fireworks after the Rockies games during the 4th of July weekend.  Read Mary's cute post about her night here!  When he first invited me, he presented it by saying "We'll have some grub, then walk over to the bridge where they light off the fireworks.  They go off literally over your head!"  And in hindsight, he explained it exactly right, however what he didn't mention was how the bridge we'd be sitting on would be closed off due to it being THAT close to where the fireworks are lit off behind the Rockies sign (there was a daring man in a motorized wheelchair who was running away from the cops trying to tell him he needed to move or else, and I quote "Sir, if you stay there, your head will get blown off!"), or how the debris falls and smacks your arms and legs, how you'll have teeny tiny bits of debris in your hair and eyes (owie) for the rest of the night, or how the fireworks fall, still lit, at your feet.  It might sound dramatic, but this fireworks show was hands down one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Enjoy a few pictures, which of course do maybe 2% justice to the awesomeness of the entire show.

I took this while walking to where we sat.  You can kind of see the bridge, with the Rockies sign in the background where they fireworks were lit from! 

And of course, a video or two.

This one is pretty anticlimactic, but it gives a little shout out to Eric, and shows us sitting, straining our necks to watch the show going on above us! 

And here is the one I've watched probably 7 times on my phone.  I do apologize for my screaming commentary, and need to come up with an expression other than "OH. MY. GOD." for when I'm in awe over something.  The abundance of screaming during the last few seconds and when I accidently drop the f bomb is from when a big chunk of debris fell and smacked my phone as I was recording.  During the finale, I remember looking up and thinking how literally every square inch of sky I could see had fireworks in it.  I felt like we were sitting under a sky made up strictly of falling stars.  Amazing.

Everyone please have a very fun-filled and safe 4th of July weekend!  I have the perfect mix of pool parties, BBQ's, a getaway trip up north to Fort Collins and of course, a day date planned with my very favorite person, Mary Ida.


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