Monday, August 8, 2011

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

I realize the subject of this post has literally nothing to do with the post itself, but that phrase kept popping in my head over and over while I was thinking about writing this. I was going to try and spin it to “A photo an hour keeps the…” and then I got sick of trying to sound clever.

Mary Ida and I challenged each other to doing a post with a picture of an hour all throughout the day! So here mine is. This past Saturday was one of the most lazy days that I’ve had in a while, which I find funny considering it was the day picked to photograph. Maybe I’ll do one in a few weeks time when I actually have a reason to shower before 3pm. (True story.)

I present to you, my Saturday, August 6th, 2011!

{ 7am: } Pretty typical Saturday morning. Wake up to blur of a kitty wanting to play and be pet.

{ 8am: } Reading in bed with coffee! And entertaining myself while watching the squirrels and birds torment Forks.

{ 9am: } Mary and Oliver were headed to Cheeseman Park just a few blocks from my house, so I joined them for a walk and giggles over Oliver trying to jump up a tree and catch a squirrel. He was so (not) close!

{ 10am: } Adult, grown up things needing taken care of at the bank. Borrrrrrrrring!

{ 11am: } Cooked, inhaled and enjoyed some late breakfast eggs!

{ 12pm: } Time to pick my favorite Pandora station, turn off my phone’s ringer and head out for a run around the neighborhood and Cheeseman Park!

{ 1pm: } Get back home, kick off my shoes, and enjoy a good book.

{ 2pm: } Naptime!!! Wake up to see this squishy face looking way too relaxed and peaceful. I managed to wake him up and change that really quickly.

{ 3pm: } Shower time and painted my fingies and toes.

{ 4pm-5pm: } I’m on a massive WAG kick right now….so the hours of 4 & 5 consisted of watching, laughing at my favorite 4-some, then of course texting Eric full quotes, only to have him totally get me, and respond in the proper way.

{ 6pm: } Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to my aunt’s house I go!

{ 7pm: } Yummy appetizers, wine and good conversation on Jen’s patio before dins!

{ 8pm: } Prep and grilling up the fish for the tacos.

{ 9pm: } Imagine a photo of a messy plate, more wine, and a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with blackberries here.

{ 10pm: } Home in bed! With more reading before dozing off.

Yay! Thanks for humoring me and pretending to care what I did every hour of the day on Saturday. It was actually pretty fun and funny to document.

Speaking of fun and funny…

Okay – I’ll be done with the cat photos for a while. Pinky swear.

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