Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is funny to me.

I just went to grab that picture off my desktop at work, and the amount of random .jpgs on there is too funny not to share.

Too funny to add any sort of explanation.

Pretties I had set as a background last week.
Taken maybe 2 years ago?  At a fireman calendar event.
Pretty self explanatory.

My gay family!!  Minus the floating head of Jon's ex in the background.  I need to photoshop him o-u-t.
These are all the random people you hear me talking about at the sleepovers and patio BBQ's.

A picture of Chad, Nichole and their mom in Italy!  No idea how this made it's way to my desktop.

Again, speaks for itself.  Again, no idea why it's on my desktop.

You all remember this.  It's too funny/cute to delete.

Alex at a company event probably 3 years ago?  No ideas why it's there, though.

I got so much slack for this @#$!'ing picture.  Kate was maybe 3 months pregnant at the time, and SHE'S cutting metal.  I'm not 3 months pregnant and simply holding the metal.
The name of this pix is simply titled "YUM."  No need for any explaining...

Hum.  Oddly enough, Mary made this photo, but I can't seem to remember why now.  Dang.

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