Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This cracks me up.

Chad's been doing an online coaching training/class lately, so we've been texting a lot at night, and he'll call around 11:30p when he's finished before he finally goes to bed. (I'm of course long asleep by then and mostly remember 2% of what we talked about the following morning.)

Last night I was beyond exausted and had just crawled into bed while texting him and Eric at the same time. I received Jim and Eric's present in the mail last night, so I was explaining to him how I'll upload it tomorrow (today) amd send it to him then. I (like I said) was so wiped out I wasn't paying attention to who I was texting and almost send Chad this message intended for Eric:

Cross my heart! I'm excited for our CA getaway - love you babe. Can't wait for you to see the video tomorrow. Sleep sweet, handsome!

All I would have had to do was explain me and my gay best friend are planning a fab trip to CA, and the video was simply me opening a present. However, it would have been the time after I sent it, before I got a chance to explain what was going on that kept me in giggles most of the night.

The end.

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