Friday, August 19, 2011


Today, I am 25. 
Tomorrow, I will be 26. 
Deep, huh?
Jaime and Ryan (actually just Ryan, Jaime gets so heated and leaves the room whenever we start talking about it.) have a theory that you actually don’t turn the next age until 6 months after your day of birth.  I feed into it just because I like to see Jaime worked up, and Ryan and I calm (can you say ganging up?), but I really can kind of see his point.  When I turned 25 exactly a year ago, I was so not ready to be 25.  I was careless with my money, bills, late night drinking with friends, work etc.  In fact, the night after celebrating my 25th birthday with work friends one of my closest girlfriends wrote me an email about how, and I quote, she thought I was “depressed, spend too much time running, go out too often and don’t eat enough.”  Now in hindsight, were all those things true?  Maybe.  I lost my sister/best friend and my boyfriend in the exact same week in April of that year.  Both of them peaced out just like that.  So was I depressed?  Maybe.  Did I spend too much time running to ease the pain?  It’s possible.  Was I going out too often to keep myself busy?  Yes.  Was I not eating enough?  This one I still can’t agree with.  I’ll get my cousins to write a guest blog on our holiday eating contests, and who wins EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. 
But honestly, you guys – this time around I really feel like I’m ready to be 26.  I know it’s still young, I get that…and am reminded by the Hannah Montana/Sweet 16 birthday cards I get from my coworkers each year.  Hey, it’s not my fault most of them graduated high school the year I was born.  I am ready to start making some changes.  I’m not talking tattoo-moving countries-shave my head changes…just little day to day life changes that will make me a better person. 
One of my most favorite friends, Sara Docksey is about 9 years older than I am.  WHENEVER one of us girls has a birthday, she always has something to say about what that age was like for her.  I really do love her for it.  For example – on the Evite to my birthday party, she wrote:
sara_docksey replied yes for 1 adult
26? ahhh, that was my most favorite year.
Guess what, world?  The age 25 sucked for me.  I had way too many adult real life sh!t going on which was incredibly overwhelming for me and I had a hard time processing it all.   However, it makes me that much more determined to leave it in the past, learn from it, and make 26 rockin’. 
When I was 25, I:
Had my first real heartbreak.
Moved into my 2nd apartment alone.
Starting saying “Southern California” when people ask where my parents live.
Realized I don’t like most seafood, and that is perfectly okay.
Spent the first Christmas of my entire life without my sister.
Feel in love with iced tea.
Saw through my first volunteer project.
Realized I am really crappy at managing my finances and asked a professional for help.
Kept my cat alive despite his best efforts to run away.
Made progress at keeping my work relationships separate from my personal relationships.
Regained my momma as my best friend.
Decided 25 is the last year that I will quit ignoring other’s advice, stop doing things wrong myself and learning things the hard way.
The first year I actually stuck with one of my New Years Resolutions’.
I’m excited to turn 26.  I’m excited to grow from my mistakes, and learn what works for me.  Because really?  That is what’s most important.
Hakuna Matata, friends.    


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