Friday, August 12, 2011

An old love.

I've used Evite quite often in the past, but for some reason I haven't ever really understood how awesome it is until lately.  They have a plethora of colors to use!  And events!  Why wouldn't use it?!  Mary and I decided we need to use it more often...even just to send to ourselves.

I'm very sorry for the curse word - I got a little excited for our upcoming Craft Day. 

My favorite was this morning when Mary was creating one for her birthday (2 days after the best day of the year) She picked this super fancy and classy template, but used "Up For Drink?, Cutting Back, and On the Wagon" for her RSVP tags. 

I might make an Evite for myself to go to work next week. Why?!  Just because I can. 

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