Sunday, August 28, 2011

From -3 to 24 just like that.

At about 2:30p this afternoon, I was in THE most foul mood. I woke up from an hour nap and the first thought that crossed my mind was "Great. I'm awake. NOW what am I going to do?" I tell you what, spending from Thursday-Sunday in a glorified studio apartment alone with very few and far between outings, with those outings including strictly stretchy pants and a tshirt, it really starts to get to a girl. However, a series of fortunate events really turned my frown upside down.

1) Crap TV. Between not having a sofa, ergo the only way to lay comfortably is in my bed and my darn cable working maybe once every 3 days...I haven't been catching up on my DVR like I usually would. I made a bed of pillows to substitute for the lack of a sofa, took advantage of my working cable and my mood went from a -3 to about a 4 within a matter of minutes.

2) Dark nail polish. I KNOWWW technically it's still summer and I should be doing the bright cheery reds, pinks and neutrals. As dumb as it sounds, I really am so happy with dark polish. So, Here Today, Aragon tomorrow it is! Mood then went from a 4 to about a 6.

3) An afternoon phone call from Mr. Rail. Hearing that man talk about going in on a Sunday to hang posters in his classroom and the Fantasy Football team he let me help pick made me jump from a 6 to like 9.9.

4) Red wine. It was open. It was tempting. Sue me. 9.9 to a 10.

5) Seeing I had 4 missed calls from Jon Graff, and knowing I'd have to call him 5 times in a row to get him to answer. { Don't judge us on our weird phone games. Just be thankful I don't call you and sing 525,600 Minutes to you in a voicemail. } The opportunity to giggle with him and hear OFFICIALLY he got his offer letter from a company here in Denver and his plans to MOVE BACK HOMEEEEE!!! I immediately went from a 10 to a 24.

It's hilarious to me the simple things that make me from feeling like a lonely cat lady to the luckiest girl in all of 303.

Happy Sunday and Hakuna Matata, sweet friends. : >

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