Thursday, August 25, 2011


Even when I'm curled up in a ball, in so much pain it's difficult to comprehend what the next step needs to be, and so terrified of the reality of might be happening, I'm constantly in awe, amazed and touched at the different ways people are able to show support and reach out wanting to help.  My precious poor Mary had to find me seconds away from passing out laying down on my front patio this morning, and though I can't imagine or speak to what level of scared she was, she scooped me up and maintained cool as a cucumber while taking charge of the situation.  I do remember her cursing out the parking situation in front of the ER though.  "Sure.  Why wouldn't you have construction directly in front of the Emergency Room?!  That seems like a perfectly logical idea to me..."

Thank you Mary for being my strength when I wasn't capable of being strong today.  Thank you for making me laugh while I had half a dozen cords hanging off of me and even when you genuinely thought I peed in my dress, the way you asked me was as heartfelt as if you were asking me what perfume I used that morning.  (I had a wet washcloth that I had been using around my neck, and when Mary was sitting with me in the hospital room we didn't realize she was sitting on my dress that was sitting on top of the wet washcloth.)

Thanks to all my friends and family sending their love and prayers via phone calls and text messages!  I'm so blessed to know all of ya'll.

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