Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dreamland :: Backyard parties!

Along with my food bucket list for when I return, I have a few crafting DIY's that are at the top of my list, too!

Mary and I swoon over Everyday Musing's photos nearly everyday (pun intended).  Their brunch parties, and backyard gatherings have me (us) green with envy.  Though I don't have a backyard to call my own yet, I do have Hunter's!  Here is my list of backyard party DIY's that are blowing my skirt up right now.

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DIY Mason Jar Lanterns!  Such a simple project that I think would really add so much flair to a backyard.

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The cutest idea for chalkboard wine glasses!  Wine glasses can be so inexpensive to come by, and I think this would give them the most perfect facelift. I already have some stemless chalkboard wine glasses now, so I love the idea of adding more to the mix!

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This DIY crepe paper garland seems so cute, fresh and my favorite part - inexpensive!!  Imagine the color combinations you could come up with.  Swoonnnnnnn

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