Sunday, June 10, 2012

:: photo an hour! ::

Last year, Mary and I had so much fun doing a photo-an-hour blog post. { mine :: hers } When I woke up yesterday morning, one of my first thoughts was "I should do another photo a day blog post!" No idea where that idea came from, but here goes nothing!

:: hour of 6a :: Woke up and laid around for a bit checking my Instagram and blogs

:: hour of 7a :: Brought my book and coffee outside to enjoy the quiet and cool morning!

:: hour of 8a :: Craft time! Working on a new canvas for my kitchen. Final product coming soon. ; )

:: hour of 9a :: Yoga hour! Loved this particular class and really walked away feeling very fulfilled.

:: hour of 10a :: Ran a few errands - the Farmers Market was the prettiest to document over the pharmacy and grocery store.

:: hour of 11a :: Got dressed, threw my fruit and bottles of water together to head down to Gina's for the day!

:: hour of 12p :: Pool time.

:: hour of 1p :: More pool time

:: hour of 2p :: Uhm...more more pool time.

:: hour of 3p :: *See 12p-2p

:: hour of 4p :: Relaxing with Gina and Jaime after our Vitamin D packed day.

:: hour of 5p :: Headed home!

:: hour of 6p :: Nap time after a snack of Triscuits and cheese

:: hour of 7p :: Woke up to see my Chopped still playing accompanied by my leftover snacks.

:: hour of 8p:: Getting ready and driving to Becca's for Jon's Graduation party!

:: hour of 9p :: Graduation party!

:: hour of 10p :: Drive homeeeee.

:: hour of 11p - 1a :: It's so obvious to me (especially listing it hour by hour) how I totally overdid it yesterday! I had to leave the party early due to a very bitching headache and having a sore throat due to my upper scope that I had Wednesday.

I should/could have taken a picture at 3:30a when the nurse called me back to talk about my symptoms (3:30am?! I guess better late than never.) Regardless, I snuggled up in my favorite towel my sister gifted me years ago and tried my hardest to get a good nights sleep.

Today will be much relaxation and laying low after a quick visit to Urgent Care. Oh Beth, when will you ever learn the phrase "take it easy"?! Maybe by next time I do a photo an hour........maybe. ; )

*Thank you to Jaime for the photo of hour 3p!

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