Friday, June 29, 2012

{ two weeks ago at this time 6.15.12 }

:: Friday, June 16th ::

You guys already know what my morning looked like { I'll spare you how I thought the shuttle bus I was taking to the airport which turned out to be a town car was staging a murder/placement of body on Hunter's block before it came to pick me up.  To say my mind was over thinking and on overdrive is a gross understatement. }

Made it to DIA in no time which allowed me to treat myself to an iced McDonalds coffee { my true guilty pleasure } and boarded up the plane.  A 2'ish hours fly by { pun intended }, and next thing I know I'm meeting Hunter's dad at Baggage Carousel 7 { don't ask why I remember that exact number two weeks later... } and quick walk outside to see Hunter and his truck waiting for us!  I was so excited to see my Hunt - it had only been a week and a few days, but with as sick as I was during that time, it felt like months.  We made our way to the hotel pretty quick and easily, and immediately headed to brunch, per the hotel's recommendation.  Because our hotel was downtown, it made it so easy for us to just foot it mostly everywhere we went.  Off to Bacco Cafe we went, and snagged an outside table.  All three of us gorged ourselves with fresh fish brunches, coffee and I snuck the last Bloody Mary they had!  { It's okay - Hunter and I actually went back the next morning and they had replenished their supply. }

We walked off our brunch by pursuing through Pikes Place { one of my favorite places on earth.  I swear it's like Disneyland for adults.  And by adults, I mean Beth. } and up and down the waterfront.

At this point, I had been up since 2am Seattle time, and the boys since 4am Seattle time - so back to the hotel for a nap it was.  After nap time, was the start of easily one of the biggest highlights of the trip.  Hunter's family has some great friends from Steamboat who own this one of a kind, 1960, 55 foot wooden yacht that they often dock in Seattle.  { let's just take a second to let that sink in, shall we? }  I had met the misses once in Steamboat, but had yet to meet the mister behind this beauty.  The three of us loaded into H's truck and navigated our way to their dock, and all three of us fell in love.  Instantly.  { okay well I did - let's just say they did, too. }

This couple is just so funny, generous, full of stories, laughs and wisdom.  We sat around and chatted while lounging around with their dog Cheyenne, when they suggested we take the boat for a spin.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I had to resist screaming "I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK." before they even finished their sentence.  Hunter and Bob cracked a few beers, a glass of wine for me - and we were off.  I think we were on that boat for the better part of 2 hours?  3 hours?  Wind in our hair, camera on hand, sometimes talking and contemplating life, sometimes listening to gut busting hilarious stories, sometimes sitting in complete silence.  I loved every. single. minute on that boat, and am so thankful to the D family for letting us explore Seattle in a way that not many are fortunate enough to!  After our dance in the water, we sat on the back of the boat and were then able to enjoying some adult beverages for our captain and co-captain in addition to some cheese, delicious summer sausage and crackers.  After a while - they suggested a local fresh fish restaurant to dine at that evening, and off we went.  I wish I could remember the name of this restaurant, but it was, yet again, water facing to the floating sailboats, and fish catching boats { I'm certain there is a technical term for those boats, but for today - fish catching boats it is. }

We had a few rounds of fresh oysters that put any of the others I've ever had to shame, a couple rounds of wine, and 5 entree plates of the freshest fish, crispiest green beans and most enjoyable potatoes.  I was so sad when dinner came to an end and we had to say goodbye to these two.

Seattle will always be the city that has captured my heart long ago.  Whenever I'm there - it just feels right.  This was such a beautiful day - I'm so thrilled I was able to tag along on the tail end of Hunter and Bob's portion of the trip!

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