Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trip deets!

On any given morning, lunch time, dinner time, happy hour time - you name it - I'm constantly thinking "Hum, what did I wear to work yesterday?  A week ago today?  What was I having for lunch last week on Monday?  Last week Friday, what did I do after work?"  It's so strange, and I wish I could explain why I do it, but I can't.  I applies to daily activities, weekly, monthly and even yearly.  Holidays especially.  When I caught myself day dreaming a few days ago about what I was up to last week, it hit me that it would be the perfect way to break down the days of our road trip.

*from CO to Seattle was Hunter and his dad's leg of the trip, and I started tagging along in WA!  Thanks for sending me this detailed Google Map, Hunt!

So starting tomorrow, look for blog posts dating back up to 2 weeks ago following along what sort of festivities and shenanigans we got ourselves into!  They will probably be at much greater depth than any of you care to read - but guess what?  My blog.  My long boring posts.  All the photos you will see in these particular posts were random ones taken with my iPhone.  We had Hunter's Mac Daddy Camera along, and we are working on uploading those as we speak!  I'll pick out a few favorites of those to share later.

I hope you enjoy following along, and also get inspired to spend a few nights (or even just one) in a tent.  You won't regret it!  I know I didn't...

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