Friday, June 15, 2012

So long, farewell,

Aufviedersehen say I do!!!

Yeah. If I was on the computer, I'd look up how to spell that. But alas, I'm not. So dealwit'it.

If anyone was wondering, this is what waiting for a shuttle at 3am looks like.

Glamorous, eh? After a slight scare that Hunt and his dad were eaten by bears. Or run off the road and being held captive by monkeys. Or were stranded and eating leather for meals.
Or simply camping and out of cell phone range. Yeah, I didn't get my mom's worrying gene at ALL
I'm finally 100% ready for vacay! I kicked it off perfectly last night in my favorite park, with my favorite gal.

We ordered our fa-vorite Chinese food and decided to switch it up and eat sans silverware. Whats that? Oh yeah - totally on purpose. No, we didn't forget! We are urban like that. Back up off.
We forgot.
Laying and laughing with my Mart Jo ranks top 5 favorite things in life. True story.

Everyone have a fantabulous weekend! My shuttle driver just called - so this girl is off!

I'm leavin', on a jet plane.....

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