Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Did you know...

I keep a few nail files in the cup holder of my car to keep my hands busy in traffic so I don't pick up my phone and text at red lights, traffic jams etc.

I cringe whenever I use the phrase "my boyfriend", and avoid it at all costs. It makes me feel like a bimbo valley girl and I just feel like it's so belittling to Hunter. Maybe because he's so much more to me than just a boyfriend.

Few things make me feel as alive as a good run in a rain storm.

I think wearing gold makes every woman shine.

I had to take away Forks' window privileges for a few days. Mr Man got into a serious altercation with a squirrel? Or another cat? Bird? No idea what, but it was something.

I wore a jean skirt today and I had a perma-smile because it reminded me so much of my sister.

I always prefer odds to evens, which is why I'm writing this blurb. Rather post 7 random facts than 6. ;)

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