Friday, April 20, 2012

Today is Friday, and that means:

Stopping for coffee at Daz Bog + McDonalds for OJ and a hashbrown all before 8:30am. It must be Friday in which I’m a tish hungover AND it’s payday.
A lunch out with a girlfriend for her birthday.
A sassy animal print dress in lieu of jeans typically worn on casual Friday. Why? Why not (Minot).
An ENTIRE WEEKEND of my Hunter before he has to go back to work on Sunday night.
Dinner reservations at Edge this evening with Hunter’s dad, brother and sister-in-law. We’ve got some Cindy celebrating to do!
An entirely clean apartment,………………….but with a huge pile of clean clothes on my freshly made bed just waiting for me to fold them.
My Mary being back in North Dakota for her beautiful sister’s bridal shower! Mary has put so much awesome time, creativity and work into this shower. I’m giddy to hear how it all goes!
A BBQ and fire in Hunter and Mark’s new fire pit tomorrow evening!
Brunch plans with my auntie on Sunday!

What does this Friday mean to you?
Happy weekending, friends. xxoo

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