Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That kind of day.

It was that kind of day that started with a garbage truck trying to ruin my life on my entire drive to work, (It may sound dramatic, but he was.  He was!  He was.  He'd cut me off a few times with no blinker...which the first 3 or 4 times I can forgive because I know I'm not perfect, and I'm sure my driving makes people mad too.  But after he cut me off mid turns, and mid lane changes time and time again, I had had enough.  Then, juuuuust when I thought I had ditched him, the focker shows up out of nowhere following me downtown on 18th alllllll the way to my office.  That was fun.) and ended with me glancing up in the laundry room of my apt building this evening, and seeing a pair of my undies being hung up from a nail in the wall.


Thankfully I had done laundry nearly exactly a week +2'ish days ago, so it wasn't there for like weeks.

But still.

I am ending the evening with some green + peppermint tea, folding said laundry (yay for fresh sheets!) and dreaming of a day where my entire apartment building doesn't know my preference in undergarments.

Oh tomorrow, please be kind.

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