Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That Time I Forgot to Post 2 Weeks Worth of Photo a Day Pix.


{ day twenty-three } Moon.

Yeah - admitably I didn't an actual pix of the moon, but this is funny too. Get it?! It's a sun but{t} it's also a moon. I'm the only one who found that funny?!....moving on.

{ day twenty-four } Animal.

More like part animal, part watch-cat part killer!

{ day twenty-five } Breakfast.

My all time, #1 favorite thing Hunter has ever made (and continues to make) me. Black eye Pete eggs!

{ day twenty-six } Key.

I've had this key on my keychain (did you know most often than not, on my first attempt at saying that word I say cheykain?) for years. It always cracks me up the people who ask what it's for. I typically look at them straight faced and say "My car."

{ day twenty-seven } Your Name.

Today, my name was "Sunshine". One of the many notes my Work Wife leaves at my desk in the mornings.

{ day twenty-eight } Trash.

I know it drives Hunter absolutely bonkers, but 6 days out of 7, this is how my trash looks. I have a teeny tiny trash can that fits under my sink, but when that starts to overfill (which is usually when there is more than a banana peel and kleenex in it) I put that trash into a bigger trash!...on my kitchen floor. It's gross. I should get a big trash can. Maybe someday...

{ day twenty-nine } Feet.

Loving my new kicks!

{ day thirty } Toy.

This isn't so much a toy, but it's something that made me laugh out loud, and continues to make me laugh out loud...which really is what a toy does anyway, right? Same diff.

{ day thirty-one } Where You Relax.

For whatever reason, my kitchen table has always been my unwinding room. Maybe because it's ALWAYS the cleanest room of the house {first only to the bathroom}, maybe because there isn't a bed or a tv in it, maybe because I think of the fun times my mom and I had picking this table out at an antique store or maybe it's because when I'm in here, I think back to all the beautiful people who have sat with me at this exact table. Either playing cards, enjoying a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or homemade dinner. Regardless...it's my fav.

Thanks for playing along with my March Photo A Day!

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