Wednesday, April 11, 2012


*I know Mary, that's a totally typical text shared between us, so I'm sorry if you read that and thought "Hey!  What the heck is Beth texting me via her blog for?!"

Words can't expres the roller-coaster our life has been since Easter Sunday.  Well, actually - that's an exaggeration.  Words can express, I just don't have  the patience, or ability to stay awake to convey them long enough right now.  Instead, I'll speak via lists, which sometimes are my favorite blog posts:

{ 1 } I'm loving the cars passing by, windows open with a fresh breeze, cuddled up in my Mary quilt and a cat on my chest as I type this.
{ 2 } However, it's making me miss my Hunter and our last few nights spent at his parents, with what feels like the exact same breeze, something painful right now.
{ 3 } I'm really looking forward to work tomorrow.  The routine.  The showering before 4pm.
{ 4 } I wish i could post a sign behind my chair reading "No questions, today.  Thanks for coming by."  Much like a "Don't feed the animals." sign at the zoo.
{ 5 } I just cried on the phone telling Hunter how much I loved him.  Pathetic?  Maybe.  However, 100% truth.
{ 6 } I understand how frazzled and random this post is, please do forgive me.  I swear to you, when I have the energy and the strength I will elaborate.
{ 7 } I can't stop listening to this song.  Don't act surprised.  I know I'm not.
{ 8 } I whole heartily thought today was Thursday.  Wrongggggg-o.
{ 9 } I had a lot of time this week to really dig into my book The Shadow of the Wind, and so far I seriously can't get enough!
{ 10 } When I just went to type that into Google, I accidentally typed in The Shadow of the Wine.
{ 11 } Bedtime for Bethy.  Night night.

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