Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yeah - that's not me.  That's you reading my blog posts this week.  I wish I had something more exciting to write about other than how tired and drained I am plus some random photos.

I wish I could tell you tonight was no different, buttttt tonight is no different.  However, I will enlighten you and share what I did this evening.

It'll be thrilling - I swear! (Potential lie.)

When I was driving home from work, and Hunt was driving to work (BTW this conversation happens often between the two of us, and I am talking literally word for word:
Beth: Hey babe - what's shakin?  What are you doing?
Hunt: Hey babes.  Just left the house - headed to work.  What are you doing?
Beth: Just left work.  Headed home.
We literally couldn't have more opposite work schedules right now.)

I told him I wanted to go for a walk.  Leave my phone at home.  Not worry about sweating, running or exercising.  Just walk.  So I did just that.  And then when I got back home, you ask?  I spent just a little while watching her.  It really is embarrassing how much she cracks me up.  After every video I'd say to myself "Okay after this one, I'm going to shut it off.  No SERIOUSLY - after THIS one I will."  Yeah, 60 minutes later I finally shut my laptop (because it was dying and my charger was in the next room).  Then I did what any exhausted 20 something would do:  Opened a bottle of wine and scrubbed my floors.  WTF, B.  (The same girl who after getting out of her workshop at 3pm today responded to multiple emails TWICE.  I finally realized I was doing it when the case of deja vu was becoming a litttttle too real.  Turns out it wasn't deja vu at all - rather instead of deleting said responded to emails...I'd just keep responding to them.  Is it the weekend yet?)   I can't explain what prompted me to clean my floors, but I did it.  Then moved on to sorting my laundry, turning on American Idol and after much prep talk, finally got in the kitchen to whip up dinner.  (My mom would have a heart attack knowing I ate dinner at 8:30pm, when she usually eats between 5:30p-6p.)

Thrilling.  Just as I promised (lied to you about).

There is a lot of (these happening tonight).

(I think that means it's time to shut the computer yet again aka fire up Daily Grace and call it a day.)

Thanks for coming back to read even when I'm dullsville to the max.

I'll leave you with my 3 favorite AI contestants this year.
And fancy that!  All in the same video.

Dear Phillip Phillips,
You complete me.
Sincerely, Beth Phillips

I need to cut myself off now.

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