Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Sunday/April 1st/80 degrees/April Fool's Day!

I gave myself a list of chores must be completed before taking my book, my crochet and a blanket to the park to waste the day away today!  It's going to be 80 degrees, and I can't wait ring in April in style!

But before I do, a few videos to kick off you Sunday.

I woke up smiling with this song in my head:
I grabbed a drink with a friend last night, and it was playing while we were at the bar.  Hunter has this song on his Spotify, and has sang it to me a time or two.  It makes me smile.  Know what else makes me smile?  After searching it on YouTube, finding out who else has done a version of it:

Uhhh yeah.  Obsessed.  Then it prompted me to search for this song to sing along:

It's a very musical morning in the Summerfield Casa.  I'm certain my neighbors are thrilled with me right now.

And one last song to bring this post full circle.
You are welcome, Mary.

Aight!  I'm off to my chores then the park.  

Heyyyyyyyyy, momma rock me.

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