Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's one of those nights...

I can't find my reading light to go sit out on my wrap around patio fire escape to read my book.
I find my memory card reader and my old digital camera and get so excited about uploading a bunch of pix, then come to realize that it's a way wrong memory card reader, and it will in fact have to wait until tomorrow.
In the midst of looking for and finding the above said things, I get so hot and sweaty from pulling out my bed to look underneath, digging in every drawer I could possibly have in this teeny apt, that I get way too hot to drink tea, as my teapot is screaming at me that it's ready to be drunk.

All that's left of this night is to paint my nails and read my book.  And quite honestly?  I'm a-ok with that.

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