Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wait a minute, shouldn't that be an F at the end of that blog title??!  Just goes to show you how long my week has been - aaaaaand it's only the end of Tuesday.  After a squeamishly hellish day yesterday, and a 12 hour day logged at work today - I. Am.  Spent.  Granted, the last 2'ish hours of today was spent at a work dinner, so though we weren't sitting and working behind a desk, it still required the heels, dress, and attitude of work.  Though my hair was down today, it can't really be down while at work.

Okay, I don't even know what that means, so I don't expect you to.

Even though tomorrow is Wednesday and not quite Friday, that means one day closer to when H comes back from spending QT some time in Wyoming with his parental units.  Though he'll be working until Friday, I just feel so much better having him in a closer zip code.

So here I sit at my unwinding-from-the-day kitchen table.  In my favorite pair of {Hunter's} sweatpants, a track jacket, the highest top knot I could muster and a steaming hot cup of tea.  My bed is calling my name, and for realz, who am I to say no to THAT?!  Plus, our 8am presentations will come sooner than I'd care for them to.

I hope your Tuesday was filled with butterflies, sunshine, sugar and spice.  And if they weren't...don't tell me.  Just allow me to pretend that they were.  ; >

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