Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meals :: Week of April 1st!

I haven't moved since the last post.

I should have known it would have unfolded this way.  But with Giada playing in the background, it's really hard to clean and not to think about what meals I'll cook for the week.

I've been pretty inspired by a few blogs out there who do their meal planning for the entire week { never you mind these are mostly families of 4+ and I live alone with my cat.  Meow. } but I have found that meal planning on a Sunday helps my week nights operate much more smoothly.  I like being able to come home and do my workout then just dive right into cooking vs making stops at the grocery, forgetting things etc.  Plus it really cuts down on spontaneous eating and unnecessary calories.   I just finished mapping out my meals for the week, and would love to share!  Without further adieu - here is my week's muchies!

:: Week of April 1st ::

Dinner: Pancit { }

Dinner: Pizza Puffs! { }

Dinner: Chili Beef Stir Fry w/ Scallions and Snow Peas { }

Dinner: Chicken Lettuce Wraps { }

Dinner: Sweet Potato Pizza w/Kale & Caramelized Onions { }

Dinner: Birthday Cake

Y.  U.  M.  I am beyond excited for each week night's dinners this week!  My favorite part is how easy and healthy each of them are.  I really just need to pick up the fresh ingredients from the grocery b/c I have essentially all of the other ingredients already, so this week won't cost me an arm and a leg in eating!  Aside from the pizza puffs and beef stir fry, I've made all the other recipes already so they are really familiar to me.  I'm equally excited for the new, and familiar flavors packed into each one.

Also, I'll be boiling up some of most recent obsession...beets! for salads that I'll take for lunches + leftovers, too.  I'm going to be making some of these { } to grab in the mornings for breakfast.  Get in mah belly.  I'll report back on how muffin tin cooking goes!

Oh I almost forgot - I won't actually be eating Birthday Cake on Friday b/c I've been off sweets for a few months now, but with Friday being my aunt Jen's birthday, I just have a feeling we'll be going out for some yummy dins in celebration Friday night!

Any good recipes you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear what your week's meals look like!

Okay for REALZ, I'm really going to go clean now...

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