Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meal Recap :: Week of April 1st!

Just as much as I thought I would, I absolutely loved coming home to a preplanned dinner menu with all the ingredients already in the fridge.  I love it when my week works out when I can plan out the nights like this.  Without further adieu, enjoy my recipe recap!

Muffin Tin Egg Puffs { }

You guys. You guys. You guys. These were JUST as amazing as I thought they would be! Even more. More x200. I opted for extra garlic, mushroom and kale in mine, and let. me. tell. you. That was a good call on my behalf. I can't express how tasty, easy, cheap, perfectly filling and convient these are. I can't wait to host a brunch and cook up a couple different versions of them. This is something I'm sure you will be seeing on my blog time and time again!

Dinner: Pancit { }

Always a hit in my belly! I decided against using meat in my pancit this time around, and threw in a few more vegetables. I also love how much this makes, it's perfect for leftovers! I definitely kicked the spices up a notch this time around, and I'm glad I did!

Dinner: Pizza Puffs! { }

I think I was on such a Egg Puff high, that I was a little let down at the pizza puffs final product. Plus, I decided not to include any meat in these, only black olives, and that might have been the first thing I did wrong. They were still easy and nummy, I'd just want to play with what sort of pizza ingredients I would include in them! Had I done these right, I could see them being a go-to for dinner parties. What I did love was how I had all of these ingredients on hand, so this cost me nothing to make and could be thrown together in a pinch!

I completely spaced that we had our working dinner Tuesday night, so I had to pick one of my 5 recipes that I wouldn't make for the week, and I chose the Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Mostly because the chicken and tofu I'd use for this is frozen, so I figured those ingredients can wait until next week without going bad!

Dinner: Chili Beef Stir Fry w/Scallions and Snow Peas { }

If you recall how embarrassingly tired and out of it I was Wednesday night, it's really no surprise that this didn't turn out quite like I thought it would. I opted against serving it with rice, which is something I don't regret because it was pretty filling standing alone. One thing I will say, is that sauce is s-w-e-e-t. If I were to make a dish like this again, I may look for a different sauce to coat the beef, scallions and snow peas with only because it did get pretty overwhelming for a savory eater like myself. Another operator error I had was not following the instructions of the order you are supposed to cook it all in. I added the sauce to the pan too quickly and it got awfully thick. Regardless - there isn't a morsel that hasn't been consumed by moi of this I'd say it was a success.

Dinner: Sweet Potato Pizza w/Kale & Caramelized Onions { }

Though I'd consider this more of a flatbread versus a pizza, the truth is you could call this thing donkey dung and I'd still eat it up as quickly as I do now. It's really a wonder the pizza made it for the photograph, because I can't keep my mitts off of it whenever I make it, it's THAT good. This time, I used more of a sharp parmesan cheese (only because I accidentally bought two containers of parmesan at Sunflower over the weekend versus parmesan and mozzarella.) this time. I still liked it just as much, but would most definitely want some parm and mozz the next time I make this. Also, the second I pulled it out of the oven, I realized I had made a complete rookie mistake. I layered the toppings: sweet potato, kale + caramelized onions THEN the cheese. Which ruined one of my most favorite elements of this pizza/flatbread/donkey dung which is the perfectly crisp kale that should be on top. DOH! Oh well. Next time!

To be determined....

Just like I was hoping, every meal made just enough for me to eat that night, and enough for me to bring to lunch for leftovers.  Also, each meal was accompanied with the salad I can't get enough of lately.  Simple!  Romain lettuce, boiled beats, red onion dressed with red wine vinegar + olive oil.  Without sounding really is orgasmic.

Now excuse me while I start celebrating the weekend that is just around the corner!  And by celebrate, I mean showering and doing laundry.  This girl knows how to par-tay.

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