Sunday, April 22, 2012

Open Letter :: Weekend.

Dear Weekend,

Howdy'do?  Man alive, we had some fun the last few days, didn't we?  Mostly, we ate a lot (LOT) of food, and spent just hours piled on hours creating life long memories.  Remember our lunch at McCormick's on Friday for our friend Ashley's birthday?  The seafood that was shared at the table, the stories told in the middle of the street that had strangers craning their heads going "Whaaaaa did that girl just say?!"  We do love Sara, don't we?  And let's not forget the drinks and the tons (and tons, and tons) of laughs at Osteria Marco then....oh weekend I know you didn't forget this one.  Then, after a few block walk that almost sent Becky wetting her pants from laughing so hard, we found ourselves at Edge for the perfect dinner in honor of our beautiful friend Cindy.  It wasn't rushed, noisy or overpowering.  Rather, it was the kind of dinner where you found that tiny voice in your head reminding you to remember every smile exchanged and every story told over and over and over again.  Reminding you to never forget the ease of the laughter that would erupt from the table.  Reminding you to never forget the look on Bob's face and the spark in his eyes while telling stories from years past.  Reminding you to hold on to every hand squeeze under the table, sip of wine enjoyed and toast to "Our missing person."  It also reminded you to embrace the pain and emptiness felt in your and your loved ones hearts, because remember?  Pain, though an icky one, is an emotion all the same. Simply a distant cousin of emotions like happiness and joy.  We don't dismiss our feelings of joy, so why should we pain and sorrow?  Remember waking up Saturday morning at the beautiful loft downtown?  Cars zipping past, the Pepsi Center, Invesco Field, Denver Skyline and the fresh sun shinning on mountains all peeking in through the windows?  Then, after a few cups of coffee, and a quick walk to stretch our legs, we landed at Bistro Vendome.  Yes, yes, you remember correctly.  Bistro Vendome.  THE Bistro Vendome that has supplied you with your most favorite brunch meal to date.  This visit back most certainly didn't disappoint, all while putting the familiar flavors of the Hamburger de Koby Boeuf back in your palette and hopes of bribing your ladies who brunch to join you the next time.   Oh then there was Saturday afternoon browsing through a handful of bike shops helping pick out Charlie's first bike!  And holy. cow. was it a cute iddy bitty bike.  Yeah...we may have fallen head over hells in love with a cruiser bike and the most darling basket our eyes ever did see, but we can save that purchase for a later date.  After a run to Whole Foods, a quick stop for a few 6 packs, we headed back to Hunter's for an evening spent entirely outside, first under the sun and a few scattered clouds, but slowly transitioned into the stars and the calm dark.  How cute were Hunter, Aaron and Bob whose heads would shoot up in the sky whenever a plane of any sort zoomed past?  How they would name and rattle off exactly what that plane was.  Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. Remember how soothing and enchanting that fire was that danced around the fire pit all night long?  Then there was the mouth watering and scrumptious meal grilled and prepared by Hunter and his dad.  Ufta, they sure nailed grilling the marinated chicken breasts to the perfect char, while keeping the moisture of the chicken.  And I don't think we need to even bring up the grilled vegetables, because everyone around that fire pitt knew exactly how I felt about those.  How amazing was it falling asleep with a picture perfectly still evening outside the open windows with a loved one at your side?  Pretty damn amazing I  might say.  And here we sit, weekend.  Sunday night, after a full day of coffee drinking, bike riding, lawn mowing, salad eating (yes, I said salad eating!  After the above food devoured and enjoyed, we have to curve our diet to salads, tea and water this week, Weekend.  But don't feel too sad about it - the food enjoyed the past few days was more than worth a week of strict fruit and veggie eating.) book reading, errand running more than exhausted and wiped out.


Remember that quote that has been running through our head all day long?

My cup hath runneth over.

Yup.  That one.  Let's hold on to this feeling weekend, because it is a damn good one.

See you in a few days....

Admirably yours,

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  1. This whole weekend sounds amazing and I wasn't even there. I love all of the special moments you had and am incredibly jealous of your visit to Bistro Vendome. It all just sounds so beautiful so thank you for sharing!