Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Before the Blog

Did you know that before I had a blog, I...

Saw Amos Lee with Mary in Boulder the first month we moved to Denver?

Received a really awkward lap dance from some dude in a g-string while in Vegas?

Went to Denver with my sissy before I ever had an idea that I would end up moving there?

Along those same lines, had short hair?

Lived downtown Denver with a pool + scene that resembled Spring Break in Mexico every weekend?

Spent an entire weekend at a music festival with these people?

And at the end of our weekend, our apartment counter looked like this?

Did yoga on top of a mountain at Estes Park?

Met William Fitzsimmons!!!!?

Then did the most natural thing, screamed our guts out in the car about it?

Made at least a dozen of pillows with Mary and Oliver?

And used them in my living room where I had a teal stripe painted throughout my entire living room?

Had far too much fun at the Brew Fest...or should I say drank far too many samples at the Brew Fest?

Met the hosts of What Not to Wear?

Went to an ahh-mazing OAR and Citizen Cope concert at Red Rocks with my awesome friend Jason?

Made ravioli and have a photo of the first night I hung out with my then coworkers later turned best friends?

Knew how to mix a mad martini?

Then proceed to get proposed to by my gay husband with a flower?

Designed a mascot?

Attended the wedding of my childhood best friend after not seeing her for 15 yrs?

Saw a Nuggets playoff game with my entire Production team in a suite?

Ahhh, memory lane.  You are fun.

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