Sunday, July 14, 2013

I made this :: Spring Rolls

I've had spring rolls on the brain to make at home for a few weeks now.  The challenge wasn't finding the courage to try them at home, rather finding the blessed rice paper in our town!  I searched 4 grocery stores + 1 asian market store high and low with zero luck.  Thankfully, our favorite grocery store about 20 miles away carries it, and I bet if you looked hard enough they would also carry unicorn tears 
{ read: we heart central market }

I'm working towards perfecting my rolling, but these crisp, cold, light rolls are a perfect summer food.  I didn't end up following a recipe, though did reference this post for basic folding techniques.  I have made these a variety of times with different combinations of red pepper, carrots, cucumber, basil, cilantro, romaine, tofu, jalapeño, broccoli, green onions - the list can go on and on!  I believe the less amount of veggies you stuff them with, the easier they are to roll and stay rolled.  Just this morning I read that Vegan Yack Attack heats up a little coconut milk in with the water she uses to soften up the rice paper which I will be trying that next time!  I make a basic peanut dipping sauce with peanut butter, soy sauce, olive oil and { lots of } sriracha. It hasn't been photographed but is definitely worth mentioning!

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