Friday, July 5, 2013

It's ok to be happy with a calm life.

The Chic Type Blog gives me my daily dose of graphic design eye candy which can be a good break in all my vegan foodie + lifestyle blogs.  { I KNOW - who would have thought I would need a break from vegan food blogs?  Surely not me. }  Every Friday, they post Friday's Typographic Treats which usually gives me fun layout/type inspiration but today two of them { design + message } hit me square between the eyes.

Loooo-o-o-o-o-ove this one.  Life has undoubtedly taken a more calm turn the past few months.  I've written my fair share of blog posts { that are still hanging out in my drafts section } about adjustment, change, evolving blah blah blah.  Every time I go back to edit them for posting, they come off sooo whinny to me.  If I get annoyed reading them, surely you guys would too!  The gist of them all is basically Holy shit.  Life is so different today than it was a year ago.  Summers before were spent hopping from one friends' party to another { and I don't mean that in a bragging "OMG I have so many friends" way.  I mean that in a "OMG my friends really like to drink and eat" way. }  They were spent enjoying an early morning date in the park with friends, and late night laughing/venting sessions on various patios with family + friends.  I'll admit that it hasn't been the easiest having my closest friend in Bremerton be Kristy, who is the 80+ year old woman who lives on the 4th floor and lends Hunter and I her Hiking in Washington books { so cute, right? }.  Though the flip side of that is the ease, adventure and spontaneity that comes from getting to play house with Hunter.  I find so { maybe too much? } much happiness and contentment in cooking dinner 6x a week, and doing laundry on the regular.  Lame as it may sound, I do think it's what society calls Domestic Bliss.  Suffice to say I loved my crazy, busy loud life fully packed with too many happy hours and dinners, but I adore my calm, 9pm bedtime, fulfilling life, too.

Sighhhhh-h-h-h.  Thank you to whomever managed to take the words straight out of my thoughts and onto a gorge designed print.  I really feel like I've turned a corner the past few weeks.  When I think about how to explain this change I've felt, the only phrase/words that come to mind are I've finally woken up.  Sounds weird, I know.  I finally feel like I've woken up to the never ending beauty surrounding us here in Bremerton, to being endlessly spoiled with fresh, local and organic produce.  Woken up to having the means to go on the countless incredible adventures we've been partaking in week after week.  I truly have appreciated everything we've been doing out here, but it's finally registering with me the beauty of it all.  Something Danielle wrote in one of her recent blog posts really resonated with me.  She spoke of only being in this season of your life once.  I've heard that phrase before, but this time it really opened my eyes to how rare this opportunity is that Hunter and I have right now.  The opportunity to be silly, adventurous and crazy in love together.  Though those things are something that I hope stays with us our entire life,  it all seems so much more emphasized here.

Soooo-o-o-o {ok, why is that a thing in this blog post? } my attempt to share these designs/quotes with a few cheeky one liners on how relatable they are to me right now totally backfired.  I hope you enjoyed the long winded version instead. ; )

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