Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Umm, excuse me? Is that your home?"

When Hunter's dad came to visit us a few weeks ago, his trip was part to visit us to check out our digs and part make a very special delivery all the way from Colorado.  

That's right folks.  A 1989 VW Camper Van, and yes it's as amazing as it looks + sounds.

There have been a few vans that have cycled through the Maddox family, but this one they've had since Hunter was about 4 or 5.  At the risk of sounding cornier than corn on the cob { that didn't really work out }, I feel so honored to have been lent this van for the summer.  It's really added extra spontaneity and so many memories to our days.  One of my favorite parts of traveling in the van is there is no rush to your trip.  Not only because you physically can't zip from one destination to another { the comfortable speed of this guy is about 65mph }, but also when you are cruising along you just feel life dialing itself back a few notches.  I love it.

We've been pretty joined at the hip with the van ever since we've gotten it.  Have a day off?  LET'S GO CAMPING.  Want to drive to Baimbridge Island to do wine tasting?  LET'S TAKE THE VAN.  Have 3 days off?  LET'S JUMP IN THE VAN AND HEAD TO SAN JUAN ISLANDS.  Thankfully Ryan and Lindsey + my parents trip followed right behind Bob's trip, so we were able to take them for a spin in it, too!

A few weeks ago, we took it up to the San Juan Islands.  We had an hour or two before our ferry, and I had a little work I needed to finish up so we pulled into a little park for me to work.  
cut to photo of my office view:
A little girl and her dad pulled up next to us.  The little girl was so cute and comes up to the door and asks "EXCUSE ME?...BUT IS THIS YOUR HOME?"  It struck me as so flipping adorable, but so brave too.  I loved it.  We asked her if she liked to camp, and she said yes.  Then we explained that it's kinda a big tent on wheels.  

Don't worry, I don't actually lay down while Hunter drives the van.  The above left photo was taken while we were parked and waiting for a ferry a few weeks ago.  It really has been the perfect accessory to our already incredible summer adventure.  Plus, at least once while we are cruising around I picture widdle Hunter and Aaron hanging out in the backseat while their parents coast around in the front seats.  It brings the biggest smile to my face.  

We head out on Thursday for a week long vacation with our beloved van.  Hunter has 8 days off, so if you need us, we can be found on any interstate/highway between here and Oregon.  No promises on exactly where we'll be, but you are sure to hear about it all when we return!

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  1. omg amazing! it is my dreeeeeam to own a camper like this some day!