Monday, July 1, 2013

All you need is love.

I often find myself getting far too overwhelmed when it comes to weekend recaps/trip recaps/visitor recaps.  I want to capture every single detail, without boring you all with every single detail.  Maybe that is why I have a good half dozen unfinished draft blog posts written up about our travels this winter, here in Washington and other various activities.  Where is the line of over-sharing yet savoring all the sweet moments and still saving a few for myself?

First world problems, I know.

This much I can say for sure; in the past week I have felt two different times this zoned-out-blissful-love-haze.  Sounds weird, right?  But kinda amazing?  It was first a week ago today right after Ryan and Lindsey left, then again last night after my parents left.  All I could do was just gaze out the window with a dopey smile on my face reminiscing the big moments of laughter mixed in with the small gestures of love that I took away from the visitors we've had in June.  I can tell you one thing for sure, if love paid the bills I'd be wealthier than Bill Gates and Mr. Facebook Man combined.  My warm fuzzy tank hath runnuth over.

That's how that phrase goes, right?

Those parents of mine, man.  How did I get so lucky?  Their love and compassion flows so honestly and effortlessly.  It's been such an out of body experience growing older and seeing so much of my little quirks, accomplishments and also my shortcomings in these two.  Hearing of little things they do or don't do day to day and exclaiming MOM I DO THAT, TOO!! Or after switching beers with my dad because he liked mine better { and I truly didn't care } then hearing him say "Beth, I feel so guilty I just took your beer!", when just a short 45 minutes earlier I was feeling so much guilt over where we were sitting in the ferry and missing the Seattle skyline show itself rather than walking to the front of the boat a few minutes before we docked.  It was physically painful to put them in a cab and send them off to the airport yesterday afternoon, but the memories we made aren't something to be forgotten.

My dad has the quality photos on his camera that he will email me this week.  Knowing that more photos and stories are forthcoming, enjoy a few iPhone shots now!

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