Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Joy Prouty :: Hello, inspiring.

I've been following this family's Instagram account for a few weeks.  Their blog talks about their personal adventures of selling their home and 90% of their belongings while traveling around with their 4 kids in a trailer and SUV for a year.  I'll be honest, my knee jerk reaction was to think they a little cra-cra doing what they are doing, but after reading their blog I quickly learned they are the most endearing family that it's hard to pass any unnecessary judgement on them.

I'm not sure how long the video will stay up on Yahoo, but here is a short documentary of their family and adventures.  I think what they are doing is so inspiring and beautiful.  I especially love the part about how her and her husband were pouring themselves and resources into their home and life while getting little to nothing in return.  Sadly, it was very relatable to how I felt working desk jobs for 8 years straight.  I love their decision to access the situation and quickly do everything in their power to change it.  Even if it isn't the norm!

Enjoy!  I'd love to know if you think their decisions are wackadoodle or inspiring.  And I really mean that in the least annoying classic blogger move of ending a post with a question to try and lure you to leave a comment.  How was THAT for a run on sentence?!



  1. So I randomly found you, but had to comment. :) I LOVE Joy and her family. I stumbled upon her as well, maybe a year ago?! So I've seen {a little} of the progression that led them to this great adventure. And it's SO inspiring. We have three wee ones {the last two match her last two in ages} and I would totally jump on a trailer with my family in a heart beat. Having that quality family time uninterrupted for that long sounds heavenly. :) I love that they're stepping out of the box and they do seem like the most genuine family!