Monday, July 8, 2013

insta{nt} replay.

I need to first and foremost state that the title of this post { and likely all my instagram update posts from here on out } is 100% ripped off from Jessie at Jessie's Journal.  Somehow the title of my instagram post updates went from "Instagram Dump" to "Insta Dump" which I'm so embarrassed to even have that on my blog after Phil pointed out to me what the name of those posts really sounded like.  I've been mulling it over and over { actually, I really just mulled it over maybe once, but two overs sounded better in that phrase. } and I simply can't come up with anything as good as what Jessie has come up with.  So why not just embrace it & link to her awesome possum blog while hoping some of my readers become some of her readers?  Glad we agree.  

Most bloggers jump at the chance to have their Facebook linked to their blog which is linked to their Instagram account which is linked to their Pinterest account which is linked to their Tumblr account which is linked to their blood type and SSN { dramatic much, beth? }.  For whatever reason I really, really hate linking my social media outlets.  Instead of having a cute little vector Instagram logo for you to click on and see my IG feed, which really would be so much easier, I'll work on updating a few of my favorite IG photos throughout a couple blog posts.  I haven't done an update like this in a while, so these are already dating a few months back.  Enjoy!

:: took this right when we moved into our condo.  still in awe of our view to this day!::
::the day we got our juicer.  the juice didn't last long enough to properly make it's ig debut::

::soaking up the views from our friends judy + bill's beautiful home!::

::found a running trail where i was dogging seashells left and right vs goose poop like i'd been used to for years::
::stopped in the middle of foot traffic to bend down and snap this heart shadow photo::
::right before heading out for our first wa camping trip!::
::weekend hikes make beth's heart happy::
::and when that hiking happens next to this?  few things better::

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  1. Love the picture of the shadow! Most people miss those details.