Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo An Hour :: 7.25.13

Watching the sun rise with a side of stretching, IG'ing and texting Mary'ing. 

Time to blend up our morning smoothies and catch up on the news while Hunter makes his way home!

Long walk to and around Evergreen Park. When the water sparkles like this, goodness me it is my most favorite!

Typical morning sight, snacks, computer, h20/coffee and books down in my little office aka library to work. 

The library was a blazing 82 degrees, and my favorite "Ladies who Lunch" were in the next room popping their white wine and dealing the cards, so I headed to a coffee shop for a few hours!

Still coffee shop creating!

Headed home for lunch + ice { along with my free iced tea!  Love the local/kind mom and pop coffee shops! } 2 hours on a wooden bench really did a number on my back.
Lunch salad details!

Icing my back with Will and Grace in the background and a little reading!

Heading out with Olive to the market!

Market tokens and customer counts for days and days. 

Yay friends, live music and sunny nights!

Time to hand out vendor envelopes and start tear down!

These little punks are my enemy. Probably 15lbs each and a dozen of them to collect throughout the market. It's a happy day when all the tents, bins, weights and easels are all packed away!
Lifting + biking home uphill = icing back in bed accompanied by a Dale's + Will and Grace!

Unwinding warm bath with my very favorite bath salts before beddy by.  Yummy. 

Oh Photo and Hour, you are a fun little friend, aren't you?  I was really excited I thought to do my third one while we are living here in Bremerton. I just know that I'll look back on this one day and have fun remembering the little details that made up our Bremerton experience between the big trips and adventures.  Yesterday was a pretty average day, Hunter worked the night before and the night of so my day was filled with computer days and market nights!

::photo an hour 1 & 2::


  1. I was JUST about to beg you to do this. 43 Maybe I'll do tmer! ILI!! I love to see my little name in the IM box. ____________ and OLIVE

  2. How FUN! Love this type of post! Awesome little glance into your day to day life :)